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i4R Cobot, the robotic arm for Industry 4.0

We have the ROI, cycle time and other results. Innovation for robotics

i4R Cobot

About i4R Cobot

What is a Cobot?

It is short for collaborative robot. They are designed to work safely and interact with people in the same space in which they operate. Unlike the industrial robot, it is not necessary to place it in a cage or in a safety barrier to avoid accidents.

Brand differentiators

convenient and easy payments

We offer an excellent payment plan for companies. We know that investment in considerably improving industrial processes is important. That is why we offer different payment models for businesses.Always ready to create or design the payment plan tailored to your abilities.

together in the project

You will not be alone in the project. From the beginning we will go together in the selection of the solution for your project, industrial engineering design, equipment installation and together until after commissioning. We go beyond turnkey.

training and coaching

Our training and training has no additional costs. We also issue a certificate endorsing the necessary skills by levels, foundation, knowledgeable and expert. In the updates we will be in contact to train and train at no additional cost.

ETHERCAT protocol

i4R cobot has many benefits and potential that make it the rock & roll star. What other characteristic makes us the best option on the market? The ethercat protocol. Integrate cobot to industry 4.0 with a bandwidth capable of allowing real-time traceability, notifications and connecting i4R cobot with a PC. Other protocols do not have the ability to transmit data at speeds of up to 1Mbps

About i4R Cobot

WHY use a i4R cobot?

There are many reasons why i4R cobot is an excellent choice for scaling to Industry 4.0. Some reasons below.

Cycle time reduction in industrial processes.

We offer a complete solution. We design the solution to support you with our technology to reduce cycle time.

Efficient and optimal ROI

Our pricing and the efficiency of the i4R Cobot make for excellent ROI. Efficiency and productivity are guaranteed.

Security and trust

i4R is safe and reliable. They may be in processes that commit staff to reduce workplace accidents. It can be located in spaces to interact with humans.

Watch the video and learn more about i4R cobot

In the video you can learn more about the characteristics and success stories. i4R is the best opportunity to scale to industry 4.0

Youtube channel playlist

In the production list of the i4R you will see the characteristics, different functions and their application in Industry 4.0


Manufactured aluminium alloy . Communication TCP/IP and ModBus, programming graphical and remote call interface. End I/O digital input 3, digital output 3 and analog output 2. Control box I/O port digital input 16, digital output 16, analog input 2 and analog output 2. Collaborative operation 10 advanced security configuration functions. Working temperature between 0° to 50° .i4R Cobot, six axes of power. It is the ideal cobot to perform the functions of Pick & Place, Polishing, Welding, Glueing and Another.


Advanced communication protocol. Much superior to other products. It reaches speeds from 5Kbps to 1MBps, other protocols only reach up to 5Kbps.

teach pendant/

The graphical robot teaching interface is intuitive and easy to understand, and only simple training is required to get started programming the robot.


It has an accuracy +/- 0.05mm. It is one of the cobots with the best repeatability.That feature makes i4R the best choice for pick & place functions.

i4R Cobot

/Typical speed

It is the fastest cobot on the market, without losing its security and stability. Its speed is configurable, it is capable of reaching a typical speed of 2 m / s.

/Joint Ranges

The i4R Cobot has six powerful axes with a 360 ° from J1 to J6. Unique in reaching up to 200 ° / s of rotation.

/Certified IP

The cobot is IP54 / IP66 certified, making it ideal for jobs where you require strong and powerful equipment. Also other of its certifications ISO10218 - 1, IEC60204-1, EN61000-6 and ISO15066.

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