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Bowl Feeder B-FEE. We automate the feeding of parts or components in your production lines

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Bowl Feeder

What is a Bowl Feeder?

Feeding automation

The bowl feeder is a tool designed to feed industrial processes. Its operating principle is based on vibration to move components or parts in bulk presentation inside a container. Its design is adapted to the particular needs of each component. Making the delivery of each of them efficient.

What advantages does a bowl feeder offer?

Improved Efficiency

Ensures consistent feeding, reducing downtime on the production line.

Greater precision

Avoid component or part assembly errors by ensuring correct and consistent placement every time.

Safety and reliability

It is a durable, robust, low-wear and low-maintenance structure.

flexibility within the industry

They adapt to any industrial, automotive, electronic, pharmaceutical, and food sectors, among others.

About B-FEE Bowl Feeder

B-FEE the option for bowl feeder

At i4R we know how important it is to guarantee production and to be efficient. That is why our bowl feeder designs are always designed under the requirements and specifications of our clients.

What information do we need for our designs?

We require the drawings of the components or parts.

The rate per hour or minute for dispensing.

How many output rails are required in the process

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What types of bowl feeder does i4R B-FEE make?

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In the production list of the i4R you will see the characteristics, different functions and their application in Industry 4.0

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