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We introduce you to our integrating partners i4R

Together we design your projects to achieve the solution..Making to easy

i4R Cobot

Our integrating partners

what do our i4R cobot partners do?

Our partners represent the full value of our cobot i4R. They are our brand ambassadors and the extension of the brand in their commercial places. They are the solution to your project and a direct connection with i4R.

What do i4R partners offer us?

Integrating partners offer support in the project. In them is the representation of the brand and the value of i4R. They have all the experience, capacity and infrastructure to deliver solution and value.

training and coaching

Our integrating partners are the most qualified and trained to transmit the required advice. We support our partners with updates to our models and we train them. They have all the tools and certifications of i4R to guarantee the training of the end users.

step by step guarantee

Our equipment has the security and guarantee backed by the i4R brand. Our integrator partners are trained and able to manage and address setbacks in the event of a failure. We are together for you

Everest Partner

Integrating partner Bajío Norte, Mexico

Its commercial plaza are the states of Aguascaliente and Guanajuato, Mexico

Company Name

Everest Automatización


Ing. Iván Ramírez Romo


José María Guzmán Hernández 101, Cd Industrial, 20290 Aguascalientes, Ags.


Call & Whatsapp: +52 449 352 28 69

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