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i4R Cobot

video about automation with i4R

In the videos you will see automation with i4R performing different functions, their applications and success stories. Also, if you like to communicate with us, you can do so in the contact section of the menu or from the messaging button on your right.

Pick & place function

In the video you can see i4R performing a pick & place function. Doing a repetitive activity and exploiting its repeatability of 0.05mm to the maximum

Learning and welding function

Below you can see the programming and learning to apply a welding function.

  • Route teaching through guidance and programming on the teach pendant
  • Route programming test
  • Welding function output test.

i4R cobot is possible to program and develop integrations with the PYTHON programming language. This feature makes it very powerful and flexible, allowing you to fully customize the functions required for industrial processes, traceability, integration with database managers and other integrations.

i4R cobot immersed in industry 4.0

Its technical characteristics allow it to be immersed in Industry 4.0. Its typical adjustable speed of up to 2 m / s, its ETHERCAT communication protocol with a speed of up to 1Mbps allowing traceability, offering information in real time. IP 54 and IP 66 security allowing your participation in cumbersome work environments. Its powerful 360 ° axes with speeds of up to 200 ° / s make it a strong productivity ally. For those reasons and more, it is a powerful cobot ally for productivity, safety and ROI.

Bowl Feeder | B-FEE

In the video you will see how it is possible to automate component and part feeding processes. In industries such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, hardware, and more, it is a fact. An automated feeding process provides benefits such as:

  • Optimization of production time with constant feeding
  • Better control over the material by considerably reducing losses or misplacement
  • Optimization of space in the production area

Its design is customized for all kinds of requirements, making it the best option. You can customize the positions in which the components are required, the feeding orientation, and other features. Ability to handle up to 4 output rails per component, with counter, stopper and pneumatic dosing functions.

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